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  • Photo of David Chalmers
    New York University
    Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysi…more

  • Photo of Kurt Sylvan
    University of Southampton
    Epistemology, Normative Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Egalitarianism, Socialism and Marxism, The Value…more

  • Photo of Alisa Bokulich
    Boston University
    Philosophy of Earth Sciences, Philosophy of Physical Science, Scientific Models, Explanation in the …more

  • Photo of Lisa Bortolotti
    University of Birmingham
    Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychiatry and Psychopathology, Philosophy of Psychol…more

  • Photo of Julia Staffel
    University of Colorado, Boulder
    Epistemology, Reasoning, Formal Epistemology, Philosophy of Probability

  • Photo of Richard Heersmink
    La Trobe University
    Technology Ethics, Misc, Extended Cognition, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Computin…more

  • Photo of Jack Woods
    University of Leeds
    Logic and Philosophy of Logic, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Language

  • Photo of Dan Zahavi
    University of Copenhagen
    Philosophy of Consciousness, Intentionality, Persons, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Phenomenology…more

  • Photo of Sara Protasi
    University of Puget Sound
    Emotions, Moral Psychology, Value Theory, Aesthetics

  • Photo of Gregg D. Caruso
    Corning Community College
    Free Will, Moral Responsibility, Free Will and Responsibility, Punishment in Criminal Law, Theories …more

  • Photo of Seungbae Park
    Ulsan National Institute Of Science And Technology
    General Philosophy of Science

  • Photo of Daniel D. Hutto
    University of Wollongong
    Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Consciousness, Intentionality, Perception, Metaphysics of Mind, Me…more

  • Photo of Renee Jorgensen
    Princeton University
    Philosophy of Language, Social and Political Philosophy

  • Photo of Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
    Duke University
    Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Applied Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Moral Psychology, Normative Ethic…more

  • Photo of Berit Brogaard
    University of Miami
    Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind

  • Photo of Eden Lin
    Ohio State University
    Normative Ethics, Meta-Ethics

  • Photo of Nora Berenstain
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Metaphysics, Science, Logic, and Mathematics, Feminist Epistemology, Social and Political Philosophy…more

  • Photo of Hedda Hassel Mørch
    Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
    Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind

  • Photo of Lisa Maria Herzog
    Technical University Munich
    Social and Political Philosophy

  • Photo of Thaddeus Metz
    University of Pretoria
    The Meaning of Life, African Philosophy: Ethics, African Political Philosophy

  • Photo of Mark Alfano
    Macquarie University
    Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Normative Ethics, 19th Century Philosophy

  • Photo of Alex Madva
    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    Philosophy of Mind, Applied Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Cognitive Science…more

  • Photo of Robert J. Hartman
    Tulane University
    Free Will and Responsibility, Normative Ethics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion

  • Photo of Finnur Dellsén
    University of Iceland
    Epistemology, General Philosophy of Science, Formal Epistemology, Social Epistemology, Meta-Ethics, …more

  • Photo of Errol Lord
    University of Pennsylvania
    Epistemology, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Action

  • Photo of Jakob Hohwy
    Monash University
    Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind

  • Photo of Shannon Spaulding
    Oklahoma State University
    Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science

  • Photo of Sara Bernstein
    University of Notre Dame
    Metaphysics, Counterfactual Theories of Causation, Theories of Causation, Causation in the Law, Time…more

  • Photo of Rima Basu
    Claremont McKenna College
    Epistemology, Value Theory, Ethics of Belief, Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality