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  • Photo of Nada Gligorov
    Neuroethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Mind

  • Photo of Sally Haslanger
    Metaphysics, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality, Social and Political Ph…more

  • Photo of Douglas W. Portmore
    Reasons and Rationality, Reasons and Oughts, Consequentialism, Agent-Neutral and Agent-Relative Cons…more

  • Photo of Matt Farr
    General Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Physical …more

  • Photo of Finnur Dellsén
    Epistemology, General Philosophy of Science, Formal Epistemology, Social Epistemology, Meta-Ethics, …more

  • Photo of Sara Bernstein
    Metaphysics, Counterfactual Theories of Causation, Theories of Causation, Causation in the Law, Time…more

  • Photo of Jacob Beck
    Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science

  • Photo of Travis Timmerman
    Normative Ethics, The Badness of Death, Death and Dying, Misc, Value Theory, Miscellaneous, Applied …more

  • Photo of Maria Kronfeldner
    Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Social Science

  • Photo of Luis M. Augusto
    Independent Scientist
    Logic and Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Formal Epistemology, Knowledge, Othe…more

  • Photo of Daniel Kostić
    Philosophy of Neuroscience, General Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, Ph…more

  • Photo of Sean M. Carroll
    Johns Hopkins University
    Santa Fe Institute
    Physics, Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Gravity, Entanglement, Metaphysics of Spacetime, General Rela…more

  • Photo of Matthieu Queloz
    Metaphilosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Action, Meta-Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Ge…more

  • Photo of Kevin Dorst
    Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Epistemic Logic, Formal Epistemology, Formal Social Epistemolo…more

  • Photo of Julia Nefsky
    Value Theory, Social and Political Philosophy, Normative Ethics

  • Photo of Lynne Tirrell
    Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Gender, Race, and…more

  • Photo of Marion Godman
    General Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Biology

  • Photo of Rohan French
    Logic and Philosophy of Logic

  • Photo of Amber L. Griffioen
    Duke Kunshan University
    Philosophy of Religion, Value Theory, History of Western Philosophy

  • Photo of Heather Browning
    Philosophy of Biology, Animal Minds, Animal Ethics, General Philosophy of Science, Animal Well-Being…more

  • Photo of Joyce C. Havstad
    Philosophy of Biology, General Philosophy of Science

  • Photo of Kevin Vallier
    Public Justification, 17th/18th Century Political Philosophy, 19th Century Political Philosophy, Mar…more

  • Photo of Robert Williams
    Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Probability, Philosophy of Mathematics, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Log…more

  • Photo of Mark Schroeder
    Meta-Ethics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Normative Ethics, History of Western Philosophy, …more

  • Photo of Seth Lazar
    Normative Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics

  • Photo of Tim Maudlin
    Philosophy of Cosmology, Bohmian Interpretation, Collapse Interpretations, Everett Interpretation, M…more

  • Photo of Margherita Arcangeli
    Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology

  • Photo of Roberta L. Millstein
    Philosophy of Biology, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Probability, General Philosophy of Scienc…more