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    Meaningful Work: Connecting Business Ethics and Organization Studies
    with Michael G. Pratt, Adam M. Grant, and Craig P. Dunn
    Journal of Business Ethics 121 (1): 77-90. 2014.
    In the human quest for meaning, work occupies a central position. Most adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work, which often serves as a primary source of purpose, belongingness, and identity. In light of these benefits to employees and their organizations, organizational scholars are increasingly interested in understanding the factors that contribute to meaningful work, such as the design of jobs, interpersonal relationships, and organizational missions and cultures. In a separa…Read more
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    Business and/as/of the Humanities
    Journal of Business Ethics Education 7 201-212. 2010.
    In their prevailing conceptions, business is interested, whereas the humanities provoke disinterested attention in value for its own sake. Applying Danto’s and/as/of structure to Freeman’s documentary film, Leadership and Theater, this paper outlines the business of the humanities , depicts the value of the humanities to business ethics education , and asks how cultivating an attitude of business as a humanity might influence our students’ views of business and business ethics. Regarding busines…Read more
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    Work and The Most Terrible Life
    Journal of Business Ethics 77 (3): 335-345. 2008.
    Tolstoy's Iván Ilých lies near death, regretting a terrible life but unaware of what he could have done differently while alive. Although motivated to work for all the wrong reasons-money, self-esteem, social acceptance, and escape from home-by all formal accounts he has been a highly responsible professional. This analysis of a work about work illustrates the relationship between meaningful work, professional responsibility, and meaningful life.
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    Just Work
    Business Ethics Quarterly 16 (1): 110-110. 2006.