• Blackwell Companion to Analytic Philosophy (edited book)
    with David Sosa
    Blackwell. 2001.
  •  32
    Mozi’s Ideal Political Philosophy
    with Siwing Tsoi
    Asian Philosophy 25 (3): 253-274. 2015.
    The main purpose of this article is to show that the essence of Mozi’s political theory, namely that a civil state is in its best or ideal condition when each citizen exercises universal care, is more defensible than it is usually thought to be. Doing this will require an exposition of the main features of his theory and occasionally reference arguments and considerations outside of Mozi’s text. We interpret the disagreement between Mozi and his alleged Confucian opponents as a disagreement abou…Read more
  •  53
    The write stuff
    The Philosophers' Magazine 31 (31): 51-53. 2005.
  • Leviathan, Parts I and Ii, Revised Edition (edited book)
    with Brian Battiste
    Broadview Press. 2010.
    This revised Broadview Edition of Hobbes's classic work of political philosophy includes the full text of Part I, Part II, and the Review and Conclusion. The appendices, which set the work in its historical context, include a rich selection of contemporary responses to Leviathan. Also included are an introduction, explanatory notes, and a chronology of Hobbes's life. Please note that the Broadview Edition of the complete Leviathan also remains available.
  •  2
    The write stuff
    The Philosophers' Magazine 31 51-53. 2005.
  •  67
    Necessity and competence
    The Philosophers' Magazine 50 (50): 82-83. 2010.
  •  1
    Unspeakable acts: A reply to Brinkman
    Heythrop Journal 17 (2): 188-189. 1976.
  •  48
    The political philosophy of Thomas Hobbes
    Think 3 (7): 55-60. 2004.
    Al Martinich explains Hobbes' view on how the rights of the individual are to be balanced against the need for government
  • De Corpore, Part I: Computatio Sive Logica
    with T. Hobbes, I. C. Hungerland, and G. R. Vick
    British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 34 (1): 72-77. 1983.