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  • Sociobiologi
    Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift 5 (1): 22. 1984.
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    Utilitarianism and informed consent
    Journal of Medical Ethics 40 (7): 445-445. 2014.
    Being targeted by Nir Eyal's ingenious argument,1 I am pleased to have the opportunity to respond. It is fairly obvious that my utilitarian argument accomplishes what it is supposed to accomplish, namely a defence of the idea that the notion of informed consent should take roughly the form it takes in Western medicine. But does it fly in the face of commonsense moral thinking? I will argue that it does not.My argument is based on hedonistic utilitarianism.2 This means that it is an instance of t…Read more
  • Coercive Care asks probing and challenging questions regarding the use of coercion in health care and the social services. The book combines philosophical analysis with comparative studies of social policy and law in a large number of industrialized countries
  • Koherens och epistemiskt rättfärdigande
    Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift 1. 1995.
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    Why no compromise is possible
    Metaphilosophy 38 (2-3). 2007.