• A Study On Religious Belief And Near-death Experience-cases From Buddhist
    with Yong-shi You
    Study of Life and Death 1 (11): 177-216. 2011.
    "Near-death experience", English for the Near-Death Experience, referred to as NDE, referring to occurred in the actual death or very close to them, our awareness away from the body clear off the experience. Near-death experience study abroad has been for many years, China is still off. The study, based on the United States Keynes • Lin cells of the theory, put forward by their experience of the ten elements of the future selected four local cases and take the depth qualitative research intervie…Read more
  • Scanlon’s book aims to offer us a moral theory of right and wrong and of our obligations to one another. The theory is called contractualism and its central claim is that an act is right or wrong if and only if it could or could not be justified to others on grounds that they could not reasonably reject (p. 4). Scanlon recognizes that so stated, his contractualism might seem empty in the sense that one might think that the aim of offering grounds that others could not reasonably reject is an aim…Read more
  • Aristotle’s Nous as Telos-related Teasoning: an Explanation
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 2 (2): 195-200. 2018.
    It is important to re-investigate Aristotle’s concept of nous. This concept basically denotes some telos-related thinking/reasoning activity of the human intellect, which proceeds both upward and downward: upward to grasp a comprehension of the telos one has acquired, and downward to reach some ultimate end. It differs from the theoretical thinking/reasoning of science in its upward-proceeding inquiries in that it constitutes a comprehension of the very first principles; it differs from techniqu…Read more
  • BackgroundAthletes will increase their state anxiety under stress situations, which will lead to the decline of sports performance. The improvement of anxiety by probiotics has been reported, but there is a lack of research in the athlete population. The purpose of the current study is to explore the effectiveness of probiotics in improving athletes’ state anxiety and sports performance under stress situations.MethodsWe conducted this single-arm study in Chongqing Institute of Sports Technology.…Read more