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    Democracy and Education Reconsidered: Dewey After One Hundred Years
    with Stefan Neubert and Kersten Reich
    Routledge. 2015.
    _Democracy and Education Reconsidered_ highlights the continued relevance of John Dewey’s _Democracy and Education_ while also examining the need to reconstruct and re-contextualize Dewey’s educational philosophy for our time. The authors propose ways of revising Dewey’s thought in light of the challenges facing contemporary education and society, and address other themes not touched upon heavily in Dewey’s work, such as racism, feminism, post-industrial capitalism, and liquid modernity. As a fi…Read more
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    Hickman, Buddhism, and Algorithmic Technology
    Contemporary Pragmatism 20 (1-2): 118-139. 2023.
    This paper is a further reflection on my dialogue with Larry Hickman, director emeritus of the Center for Dewey Studies, and Daisaku Ikeda, president of the lay Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International (sgi). One surprising outcome of this dialogue is how similar Deweyan pragmatism is to many forms of Mahayana Buddhism such as sgi. Here I survey some similarities between Hickman’s philosophy of technology and Buddhism by emphasizing value creation and criticism. (Soka Gakkai means value c…Read more
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    Hager and Beckett assert that a ‘characteristic feature of … assorted co-present groups is that their processes and outputs are marked by the full gamut of human experiences involved in their functioning’. My paper endorses and further develops this claim. I begin by expanding on their emphasis upon the priority of relations in terms of Dewey and Bentley’s transactionalism and Buddhist dependent co-origination and emptiness. Next, I emphasize the importance of embodied perspectives in acquiring …Read more
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    The Educational Conversation: Closing the Gap
    with Jim Garrison and Anthony G. Rud Jr
    SUNY Press. 1995.
    This book discusses topics normally excluded from the current educational conversation such as soul, authority, irony, memory, style, luck, privacy, power, and hospitality.
  • William James and Education
    with Ronald Podeschi and Eric Bredo
    . 2002.
  • Forestalling the Mereological Fallacy
    Philosophy of Education 69 412-415. 2013.
  • Three experts collaborate in this passionate and rewarding dialogue on the legacy of the great American philosopher and educator John Dewey (1859 1952). Focused on growth and the creation of value within the context of real life, Dewey s pragmatic philosophy shares much with humanistic Buddhism. These similarities, which arise throughout the book, add richness to a dialogue already overflowing with faith in our capacity to find common ground and expand human well being in our rapidly globalizing…Read more
  • _Leading scholars challenge and reinvigorate the pragmatic method of John Dewey._
  • Toward a feminist poetic of critical thinking
    with A. Phelan
    Philosophy of Education. forthcoming.
  • Education as Destiny
    Philosophy of Education 74 20-25. 2018.