• Non-international Armed Conflict as War Crime within the Jurisdiction of ICC
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 1 133-140. 2007.
    Following World War II Nuremberg and Tokyo International Military Tribunal trial of war criminals after the success of the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the international ad hoc criminal tribunals has successfully tried a non-international armed conflict constitutes a war crime. The international community in establishing the International Criminal Court, "the Rome Statute," the negotiation process, based on norms of war and armed conflict, customary international legal documents and internation…Read more
  • Xin'an Yi Xue Xue Shu Si Xiang Jing Hua (edited book)
    with Xuegong Chen
    Zhongguo Zhong Yi Yao Chu Ban She. 2009.
  • On Thomas Hill's Thoughts of Environmental Virtue Ethics
    with Jian-Shan Li
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 3 43-49. 2009.
    • the environmental virtues of Thomas Hill, a pivotal figure in the field of ethics, environmental virtue theory, its main idea is "appropriate humility" theory. "Appropriate humility" is a measure of the importance of an attitude thing, it requires people to recognize the "no perception of nature," the importance of correct understanding of their place in nature. • Thomas Hill wants people to overcome the ego and ignorance, to have "appropriate humility." However, he demonstrated his theory Shi…Read more
  • Zheng Zhi Guan Gai Lun
    with Yongting Zheng and Xingyan Liu
    . 1991.
  • Cong Han Cai Dao He Hun: Riben Guo Xue Si Xiang de Xing Cheng Yu Fa Zhan
    Lian Jing Chu Ban Shi Ye Gu Fen You Xian Gong Si. 2013.
  • The Economic Nationalism and Its Influence in the Early American History
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 1 18-26. 2006.
    Economic nationalism is on the early history of American foreign economic policy of the state have a significant impact on one's ideas. In the beginning of statehood with the United States produce the conditions of economic nationalism, some representatives of the founding fathers of economic nationalist tendencies of thought, economic nationalism embodied in the founding era of the basic spirit of the existence of its legitimacy, which in 1812 laid the After the foundation of this rising trend.…Read more
  • Makesi Zhu Yi Zhe Xue Zhongguo Hua Yu Dang Dai Zhongguo Zhe Xue Jian She = (edited book)
    with Hui Sun
    She Hui Ke Xue Wen Xian Chu Ban She. 2011.
  • Institutional Changes, Revolutionary Discourses and Squire Power in the Early Period of the 20th Century
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 1 95-107. 2009.
    The "New Deal"-oriented institutional change actually constitutes a gentry "system" of the institutional basis for expansion. From the old system to new system squire who has received a much broader power to space, thus generating social contradictions and conflicts of interest are constantly accumulate. When the Qing Dynasty as a revolution in the sense of the object system after the overthrow of the existing society, all point to the shortcomings of the gentry. Gentry will be more in-depth aft…Read more
  • Li Xue Yu Fo Xue
    Changchun Chu Ban She. 2011.
  • On Misunderstanding of Female Body Writing in China Popular Culture
    with Li Wang
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2 35-40. 2007.
    Feminist theory suggests that the female body is a physical difference between the concentrated expression of place and identity, the body of feminist writing is intended to reflect the female experience and the true intent of the conflict in the mainstream of physical survival of a state of tension. The rise in the 1990s China's female body art inherited the Chinese female body art history will be female body objectification of discourse structure, and import modern body writing the traditional…Read more
  • Xian Dai Ke Ji Lun Li Xue =
    Qing Hua da Xue Chu Ban She. 2009.