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    Gas hydrate accumulation and saturations estimated from effective medium theory in the eastern Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
    with Jin Qian, Timothy S. Collett, Dongdong Dong, Yiqun Guo, Pibo Su, and Jinqiang Liang
    Interpretation: SEG 5 (3). 2017.
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    Engaging ADHD students in tasks with hand gestures: a pedagogical possibility for teachers
    with Ronan Bernas and Philippe Eberhard
    Educational Studies 30 (3): 217-229. 2004.
    This study examines the effects of teachers' speech and hand gestures on the task performances of students with Attention‐Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder . Forty‐five 7½‐year‐old students clinically diagnosed with ADHD participated in the study. The students were asked to solve three sets of puzzles. The teachers supported the students in the tasks by using three different scaffolding modalities: speech‐only, gesture‐only and speech in conjunction with gestures. The results indicate that when the…Read more
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    Do Chinese Children With Math Difficulties Have a Deficit in Executive Functioning?
    with George K. Georgiou, Qing Li, and Athanasios Tavouktsoglou
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.
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    Why I Want to Write
    Contemporary Chinese Thought 30 (3): 41-46. 1999.
    Someone asks a climber why he wants to climb a mountain—everyone knows that climbing is dangerous and is of no practical advantage—and he replies, "Because it is there." I like this answer because it shows a sense of humor—it is quite clear that it is because he wants to climb it, but he tries to trick us by saying that it is because the mountain is there that he is itching to get at it. Apart from this, I also like what the climber does, scaling sheer cliffs for no good reason. It may cause ach…Read more
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    Another Type of Culture
    Contemporary Chinese Thought 30 (3): 61-64. 1999.
    My wife was a student from among the "workers, peasants, and soldiers" and studied history at university. One day, during her junior year, a female student from a country village announced loudly in class, "I don't know what a eunuch is!" She looked very pleased with herself when she had said this. Other students in the class chimed in: "I don't know either." "Neither do I." My wife is a very straightforward sort of person and she said shyly, "Oh, I think I might know—a eunuch is a man who has b…Read more
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    Visually Evoked Visual-Auditory Changes Associated with Auditory Performance in Children with Cochlear Implants
    with Maojin Liang, Junpeng Zhang, Jiahao Liu, Yuebo Chen, Yuexin Cai, Junbo Wang, Xueyuan Zhang, Suijun Chen, Xianghui Li, Ling Chen, and Yiqing Zheng
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11. 2017.
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    Multitudes 54 (3): 57. 2013.
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    Vision-Centrality and the Reflexive-Identity of External Object
    with Zhai Zhenming
    Frontiers of Philosophy in China 3 (1). 2008.
    The correspondence of a sensory object to the category of a descriptive statement requires a reflexive-identity of the object, and such a reflexive-identity is primarily based on the cognition of spatiality. Spatiality is, however, constituted through visual perception. There are only two occasions on which definitive reflexive-identity is exemplified: the infinitesimal point and the infinite "One," and others are just human stipulations that meet pragmatic needs of rough identification of thing…Read more
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    Generationen, Generationenbeziehungen, Generationenpolitik. Ein Mehrsprachiges Kompendium - Edition 2017
    with Kurt Lüscher, Andreas Hoff, Andrzej Klimczuk, Giovanni Lamura, Marta Renzi, Paulo de Salles Oliveira, Mariano Sánchez, Gil Viry, Eric Widmer, Ágnes Neményi, Enikő Veress, Cecilia Bjursell, Ann-Kristin Boström, Gražina Rapolienė, Sarmitė Mikulionienė, Sema Oğlak, Ayşe Canatan, Ana Vujović, Ajda Svetelšek, Nedim Gavranović, Olga Ivashchenko, Valentina Shipovskaya, and Qing Lin
    Universität Konstanz. 2017.
    K. Lüscher, A. Klimczuk, Generations, intergenerational relationships, generational policy: A multilingual compendium, 17 languages, Universität Konstanz, Konstanz 2017, 428pp. TS - RIS M4 - Citavi.
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    The automatic activation of emotion words measured using the emotional face-word Stroop task in late Chinese–English bilinguals
    with Lin Fan, Qiang Xu, Fei Xu, Yaping Yang, and Zhi Lu
    Cognition and Emotion 32 (2): 315-324. 2017.
    In the current study, late Chinese–English bilinguals performed a facial expression identification task with emotion words in the task-irrelevant dimension, in either their first language or second language. The investigation examined the automatic access of the emotional content in words appearing in more than one language. Significant congruency effects were present for both L1 and L2 emotion word processing. Furthermore, the magnitude of emotional face-word Stroop effect in the L1 task was gr…Read more
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    The Physical and Psychological Health of Migrants in Guangzhou, China
    with Hongsheng Chen, Zhenjun Zhu, and Sun Dongqi
    Inquiry: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing 53 004695801666806. 2016.
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    Karaoke and the Braying Village
    Contemporary Chinese Thought 30 (3): 54-56. 1999.
    Once upon a time, Don Quixote, the Knight of the Sad Countenance, and his trusty squire Sancho Panza were going along the road when they met a band of villagers carrying swords and sticks, on the way to attack their enemies. The noble knight asked the villagers why they wanted to fight and heard the following tale
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    Participative Leadership and Organizational Identification in SMEs in the MENA Region: Testing the Roles of CSR Perceptions and Pride in Membership
    with Sophie Lythreatis and Ahmed Mohammed Sayed Mostafa
    Journal of Business Ethics 156 (3): 635-650. 2019.
    The aim of this research is to explore the process linking participative leadership to organizational identification. The study examines the relationship between participative leadership and internal CSR perceptions of employees and also investigates the role that pride in membership plays in the affiliation of CSR perceptions with organizational identification. By studying these relationships, the paper aspires to contemplate new presumed mediators in the association of participative leadership…Read more
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    The Impact of Neighborhood Environment on Women’s Willingness to Have a Second Child in China
    with Hongsheng Chen, Zhigang Li, and Zhenjun Zhu
    Inquiry: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing 56 004695801983323. 2019.
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    Population Density and Moment-based Approaches to Modeling Domain Calcium-mediated Inactivation of L-type Calcium Channels
    with Kiah Hardcastle, Seth H. Weinberg, and Gregory D. Smith
    Acta Biotheoretica 64 (1): 11-32. 2016.
    We present a population density and moment-based description of the stochastic dynamics of domain $${\text{Ca}}^{2+}$$ Ca 2 + -mediated inactivation of L-type $${\text{Ca}}^{2+}$$ Ca 2 + channels. Our approach accounts for the effect of heterogeneity of local $${\text{Ca}}^{2+}$$ Ca 2 + signals on whole cell $${\text{Ca}}^{2+}$$ Ca 2 + currents; however, in contrast with prior work, e.g., Sherman et al. :985–995, 1990), we do not assume that $${\text{Ca}}^{2+}$$ Ca 2 + domain formation and colla…Read more
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    Geochemical evidence for oil and gas expulsion in Triassic lacustrine organic-rich mudstone, Ordos Basin, China
    with Tongwei Zhang, Jianfeng Zhang, Xun Sun, Kitty L. Milliken, Stephen C. Ruppel, and Daniel Enriquez
    Interpretation: SEG 5 (2). 2017.
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    Contemporary Chinese Thought 30 (3): 5-9. 1999.
    When I was young, I read Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw, and there was one scene that left a great impression on me. The industrial magnate Andrew Undershaft meets his son Stephen, whom he has not seen for many years, and asks him what he is interested in. The young man has no talent for science, the arts or law, but says there is one thing he is good at, and that is telling right from wrong. Undershaft pours scorn on his son, and wants to know how, if he is unable to do anything else, he …Read more
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    L'urbanisme et la nouvelle « Trinité »
    with Shuliu Wang and Pierre-Yves Le Gall
    Multitudes 54 (3): 74. 2013.
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    Factors Influencing Residents’ Willingness to Contract With General Practitioners in Guangzhou, China, During the GP Policy Trial Phase: A Cross-Sectional Study Based on Andersen’s Behavioral Model of Health Services Use
    with Zhongqi Liu, Yawen Tan, Haiqing Liang, Yijun Gu, Yuantao Hao, Jing Gu, and Chun Hao
    Inquiry: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing 56 004695801984548. 2019.
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    Individual Morphological Brain Network Construction Based on Multivariate Euclidean Distances Between Brain Regions
    with Kaixin Yu, Qiongling Li, Xiaohui Zhang, Xinwei Li, and Shuyu Li
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12. 2018.
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    Seismic time-frequency decomposition by using a hybrid basis-matching pursuit technique
    with Bo Zhang, Fangyu Li, Jie Qi, and Bo Bai
    Interpretation: SEG 4 (2). 2016.