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    John Wilkins : New Essays
    Annals of Science 75 (3): 262-265. 2018.
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    Religious Ethics and Contemporary Society [J]
    Modern Philosophy 2 013. 2003.
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    As a unique method of philosophical argument, performative contradiction attracted general attention after the change in direction of pragmatics in the twentieth century. Hintikka used this method to conduct an in-depth analysis of Descartes' proposition "I think, therefore I am," providing a proof which is a model in the philosophical history; Apel absorbed performative contradiction into his own framework of a priori pragmatics; and Habermas introduced it into the theory of formal pragmatics a…Read more
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    A Novel MOEA/D for Multiobjective Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    with Keyi Xing, Chao-Bo Yan, and Mengchu Zhou
    Complexity 2019 1-14. 2019.
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    Higher Education as a Field of Study in China concerns higher education as an academic field—the evolving nature of the field in light of the overall development of higher education in China. Xin Wang illustrates how higher education is becoming an interdisciplinary field rather than a subfield under the discipline of education, especially when higher education has become an enterprise with such a broad scope in China
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    Virtue Ethics and Moral Motivation
    Dissertation, University of Maryland, College Park. 1994.
    This thesis aims at suggesting a possible way for virtue ethics to explain moral motivation. If this attempt is successful, it will turn out that in this respect virtue ethics, or a certain version of it, is better than other types of ethical theories. ;After showing that various theories about moral motivation, or the rationality of morality, are far from satisfactory, I proceed, by discussing and defending virtue ethics, to sketch a new framework of understanding and solving the problem of mor…Read more
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    Montaigne and Taoism
    Dissertation, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 1993.
    Montaigne's Essays discuss the human condition and the way to live. His work represents an ideal of wisdom. Like Montaigne, Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, representatives of Taoism, express similar concerns about the human condition. Both philosophies have a very similar concept of wisdom: ;Nature is treated as a quasi-divine entity that exists everywhere and controls everything, although it is invisible and inexpressible, and it represents at the same time diversity and unity; human reason is not an a…Read more
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    Robust utilization of context in word sense disambiguation
    In R. Turner D. Leake B. Kokinov A. Dey (ed.), Modeling and Using Context, Springer. pp. 529--541. 2005.
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    Globalization and Common Human Interests
    The Proceedings of the Twenty-First World Congress of Philosophy 9 173-177. 2006.
    A series of features of the contemporary globalization of human society, especially its dual positive arid negative effects, shows that contemporary globalization has great significance for the survival and development of mankind as a whole. From the point of view of its deep axiological significance, globalization has resulted in the formation of common human interests that manifest themselves negatively as the emergence of various global problems. The formation of common human interests and th…Read more
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    Confucius and Mencius Thoughts on Rebuilding Social Order
    Modern Philosophy 2 109-114. 2009.
    Confucian thought starting point is the concern of social relationships, the goal is to establish social order to achieve the harmony of social relationships. Confucius, Mencius, who moderate view of the world, do not go to extremes, so the relationship between the individual and society is not a simple emphasis on one aspect, hoping to establish a harmonious relationship between the individual and society. Personal and social, private and public, conflict between themselves and others, as well …Read more
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    An Investigation of the Properties of the Mckinsey Axiom
    Dissertation, Tulane University. 1991.
    McKinsey Axiom is the modal formula LMA $\to$ MLA which has some elusive semantic properties. The canonicity and compactness of the axiom are the problems historically important in the development of our understanding of intensional logic. These problems, however, were unsolved for years in modal logic. Recently, Robert Goldblatt showed that the McKinsey Axiom is not canonical. Then the remaining task is to solve the problem of the compactness of the axiom. The major result in this dissertation …Read more
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    In accordance with the principle of historical materialism, nature of the property depends primarily on the fact that the actual possession of the property, rather than on their legal ownership first. Accordingly, the Isle of Man from the stock of the "separation of ownership 'departure, the actual property is not recognized joint-stock private property, but" social property ", so they also hopes to achieve socialism in stock. However, the situation at the time, the Isle of Man is sometimes stil…Read more
  • A Cultural Psychological Perspective On Hidden Rules As The Habitus
    with Xiao-Kang Lu
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 4 133-139. 2009.
    In a static sense, hidden rules can be defined as undetected or do not have the legitimacy of the rules, it also means do not follow the explicit rules or contrary to accepted, the concept ought to act or behavioral tendencies, and its social consequences caused by the coexistence of diverse rules and the separation of its name, there. The generation of the unspoken rules is a common phenomenon, but the prevalence of hidden rules is a special cultural phenomenon, and the nation's culture is clos…Read more
  • "Kun Island Itsushi," a book, the image of women presented with Xiongfei for women on the one hand, be able to text and other male characteristics, on the one hand and women and traditional morality, this integration features dual image of women, in addition to the performance of the author Writing under the ideal male image of female expectations, but also reflects the legacy of the traditional patriarchal view. On the other hand, the book presents the two sexual relations, especially in marria…Read more
  • The combination of moral and political traditional Chinese political culture is a major feature, so that China's traditional political Dehua is called political or ethical politics. Advocates should be given from Confucius to Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong summarized the history, the relationship between the moral and political issues, also followed such a principle of historicism: his successor, while the traditional Chinese virtue, but also in exploring for beyond this tradition in Chinese political …Read more
  • Wang Yangming Yu Yangming Wen Hua (edited book)
    with Pinglue Zhao
    Zhonghua Shu Ju. 2011.
  • "american Mission" On Historical Reflection
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 1 47-52. 1997.
    U.S. Mission made ​​tough in the Puritan view of religion. This concept of the United States as God choose a special country, the development of human history and destiny to bear a special responsibility. This concept is deeply rooted in American culture, deeply influenced the Americans on their own or to the outside world views and attitudes. It is the name of the U.S. government to achieve this mission under the guise of outward expansion, the small countries wanton interference. However, the …Read more
  • Mian Xiang Shi Jian de Zhongguo Jing Ji Lun Li Xue (edited book)
    with Lulu Wang
    Nanjing Shi Fan da Xue Chu Ban She. 2011.
  • A Study Of Children's Death Concepts
    with Xinhui Huang
    Study of Life and Death 1 (10): 117-158. 2010.