Indiana University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 1976
Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
Areas of Specialization
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
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    In my 1991 paper, AAnti-Individualism and Privileged Access,@ I argued that externalism in the philosophy of mind is incompatible with the thesis that we have privileged , nonempirical access to the contents of our own thoughts.<sup>1</sup> One of the most interesting responses to my argument has been that of Martin Davies (1998, 2000, and Chapter _ above) and Crispin Wright (2000 and Chapter _ above), who describe several types of cases to show that warrant for a premise does not always transmi…Read more
  •  382
    Names and intentionality
    Philosophical Review 87 (2): 171-200. 1978.
  •  41
    Expressing mental states
    Philosophia 8 (4): 657-671. 1979.
  •  465
    Truths Containing Empty Names
    In Piotr Stalmaszczyk & Luis Fernandez Moreno (eds.), Philosophical Approaches to Proper Names, Peter Lang. pp. 175-202. 2016.
    Abstract. On the Direct Reference thesis, proper names are what I call ‘genuine terms’, terms whose sole semantic contributions to the propositions expressed by their use are the terms’ semantic referents. But unless qualified, this thesis implies the false consequence that sentences containing names that fail to refer can never express true or false propositions. (Consider ‘The ancient Greeks worshipped Zeus’, for instance.) I suggest that while names are typically and fundamentally used as ge…Read more
  •  238
    Causality and the Paradox of Names
    Midwest Studies in Philosophy 9 (1): 491-515. 1984.
  •  56
    Thought by Description
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 78 (1): 83-102. 2009.
  •  136
    Levels of obligation
    Philosophical Studies 35 (4). 1979.