• Représentation et communauté
    Archives de Philosophie 68 (3-4): 493. 2005.
  • In »Der Körper« , dem ersten Teil seines philosophischen Hauptwerks, entwickelt Hobbes in Anlehnung an die streng beweisende Methodik der euklidischen Geometrie sowie unter Einschluß der modernen Bewegungslehre Galileis das erste in sich geschlossene neuzeitliche System eines mechanizistischen Materialismus
  • The Correspondence: 1622-1659
    Oxford University Press. 1994.
    Thomas Hobbes is one of the most important figures in the history of European philosophy. Although best known for his political theory, he also wrote about theology, metaphysics, physics, optics, mathematics, psychology, and literary criticism. All of these interests are reflected in his correspondence. Some small groups of his letters have been printed in the past, but this edition is the first complete collection of his correspondence, nearly half of which has never been printed before. All th…Read more