• Leibniz y el argumento dominante
    Anuario Filosófico 38 (81): 255-268. 2005.
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    Resumen. En esta exploración se centra en identificar y desarrollar en dos grupos de la materia deComportamiento Organizacional a nivel licenciatura la competencia de auto-administración y ética conun enfoque humanista y para ello, se comienza por utilizar un instrumento que permita realizar un primeracercamiento se presentan los resultados preliminares.Palabras clave. Auto-administración, ética y competencia.. This exploration is focused on identifying and developing into two groups regardingor…Read more
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    . Shared leadership goes hand in hand with an organizational culture; this means it is intended to innovation. In another sense for learning organizations innovation is a successful and permanent process becomes routine, rather it is a fact particularly unusual or distracting people from the central work, strategic medullar any organization, in the organizations main objective is the responsible management of communication, even as a basic instrument that empowers the leader and determines its m…Read more
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    . In this part of the research process shows progress of the author´s doctoral thesis which seeks to offer from the union between practice and academy to the diagnosis of labor markets, monitoring and trend analysis and it also addresses the issue of understanding the relationships that this problem occurs in a particular moment in time when comparing the self-evaluations among recent graduates with self-assessments of people who are at a high level position in the automotive sector Guanajuato a…Read more
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    Soberanía: una nueva forma de contener y administrar la violencia
    Ingenium. Revista Electrónica de Pensamiento Moderno y Metodología En Historia de la Ideas 6 (6): 147-154. 2012.
    Sovereignty was not only a theory for the proper law of a State but a way of taking away the autonomy of the prophetic spirit and subject to the dialectics of state and government interests. Sovereignty implies that there is no force that operates outside the power capable of regenerating and bring salvation to a people corrupt. Sovereignty involves the creation of a mirage, the manifestation of the free spirit of the people is a product or invention of state power. The homogenization and depers…Read more
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    Transference, or identiry theories of causation?
    Theoria 19 (1): 31-47. 2004.
    Transference theorists propose to explain causation in terms of the transference of a physical element. I argue, in two steps, that this is not possible. First, I show that available accounts of ‘transference’ ultimately convey that transference -and, consequently, causation- is the (non-relational) identity over time of the transferred element (a universal, a trope, or even an absolute substance). But, second, I try to defend, it is conceptually impossible that causation is (non-relational) ide…Read more
  • Las nieves del Kilimanjaro
    Critica: La Reflexion Calmada Desenreda Nudos 62 (980): 87. 2012.
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    La recepción de George Bataille en España
    Daimon: Revista Internacional de Filosofía 51 237-248. 2010.