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Feminist Aesthetics
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    Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal offers a unique approach to an old topic, that of human beauty, written by an ethicist specializing in global ethics who considers herself "an applied philosopher" (14). It seems to be written primarily for ethicists and not--of preferred interest to this reviewer--for aestheticians, that is, those who routinely write about the value of the complex notion of beauty and its many permutations that involve ethics. . . . Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal i…Read more
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    Beauty Matters
    Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 57 (1): 1. 1999.
  • Feminist Criticism: On Disturbatory Art and Beauty
    In Lydia Goehr & Jonathan Gilmore (eds.), A Companion to Arthur Danto. forthcoming.
    Arthur C. Danto, philosopher and art critic for The Nation from 1984-2009, offered interpretations of artworks by a wide array of artists, including Eva Hesse, Judy Chicago, and Cindy Sherman, whose "disturbatory" works were either ignored or denounced by mainstream critics at the time. Danto's championing of feminist art was deliberate and delightful; he openly endorsed the Guerilla Girls! His feminist art critical writings ultimately shaped the early development of what has come to be known as…Read more
  • Changing Perceptions of Beautiful Bodies: The Athletic Agency Model
    In Andrew Edgar & William Morgan (eds.), Somaesthetics and Sport, . forthcoming.
    I consider what draws us to perceiving beautiful bodies in art and athletics--repeatedly and over time--that is informed by viewers' changing perceptions derived from recent publications in fashion and sport, the philosophy of sport, feminist film theory and aesthetics under the ever-expanding umbrella of somaesthetics.