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    The Role of Cognitive Science in Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science
    Dissertation, University of California, San Diego. 1995.
    In this dissertation, it is investigated what role cognitive science is to play in a thoroughly naturalized epistemology and philosophy of science. The dissertation consists of four parts. In part I, the aim is to investigate what research questions and methods are valid in a naturalized approach to issues in epistemology and philosophy of science. This part contains a critical discussion of contemporary naturalistic approaches, in particular the cognitive approaches of Alvin Goldman, Paul Thaga…Read more
  • This anthology examines the practical role of well-being in contemporary society. It discusses developments such as globalization, consumerism and the rapid innovation and use of new and emerging technologies and focuses on the significant impact of these developments on the well-being of people living today. The anthology brings together researchers from various disciplines, including psychology, economics, sociology, philosophy and development studies. It provides concrete insight on the role …Read more
  • The Good Life in a Technological Age (edited book)
    Routledge. 2012.
    Modern technology has changed the way we live, work, play, communicate, fight, love, and die. Yet few works have systematically explored these changes in light of their implications for individual and social welfare. How can we conceptualize and evaluate the influence of technology on human well-being? Bringing together scholars from a cross-section of disciplines, this volume combines an empirical investigation of technology and its social, psychological, and political effects, and a philosophi…Read more
  • Constructive Philosophy of Technology and Responsible Innovation
    In Anthonie W. M. Meijers, Peter Kroes, Pieter E. Vermaas & Maarten Franssen (eds.), Philosophy of Technology After the Empirical Turn, Springer Verlag. 2016.
  • Biomedical Engineering Ethics
    In Jan Kyrre Berg Olsen Friis, Stig Andur Pedersen & Vincent F. Hendricks (eds.), A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology, Wiley-blackwell. 2012.