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    Book reviews (review)
    Mind 103 (412): 550-553. 1994.
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    The article discusses Michael Slote's Satisficing Consequentialism, which is the view that moral agents are not required to maximise the good, but merely to produce a sufficient amount of good. It is argued that Satisficing Consequentialism is not an acceptable alternative to Maximising Consequentialism. In particular, it is argued that Satisficing Consequentialism cannot be less demanding in practice than Maximising Consequentialism without also endorsing a wide range of clearly unacceptable ac…Read more
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    Religion, Supernaturalism and Superstition
    Analysis 71 (4): 755-765. 2011.
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    A Précis to Ethics for a Broken World
    Philosophy and Public Issues - Filosofia E Questioni Pubbliche. 2014.
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    Imagine living in the future in a world already damaged by humankind, a world where resources are insufficient to meet everyone's basic needs and where a chaotic climate makes life precarious. Then imagine looking back into the past, back to our own time and assessing the ethics of the early twenty-first century. "Ethics for a Broken World" imagines how the future might judge us and how living in a time of global environmental degradation might utterly reshape the politics and ethics of the futu…Read more