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    On Moderate Pluralism About Truth and Logic
    Philosophical Forum 51 (2). 2020.
    The Philosophical Forum, EarlyView.
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    The Paradox of Conceptualizability (review)
    Philosophia 49 (2): 555-563. 2021.
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    The Acknowledgements are missing from the original publication.
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    Preface to Special Issue Logical Pluralism and Normativity
    Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 63 (3-4): 231-235. 2020.
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    i.e. for any concepts X and Y, the number of X’s and the number of Y’s are identical if and only if there is a 1-1 correspondence between X and Y.1 The central claim of neo- Fregeanism with respect to arithmetic is that arithmetical knowledge can be obtained a priori through Frege’s Theorem, the result that the axioms of arithmetic are derivable in the system obtained by adding Hume’s Principle to second-order logic.
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    A mathematical theory T is categorical if, and only if, any two models of T are isomorphic. If T is categorical, it can be shown to be semantically complete: for every sentence ϕ in the language of T, either ϕ follows semantically from T or ¬ϕ does. For this reason some authors maintain that categoricity theorems are philosophically significant: they support the realist thesis that mathematical statements have determinate truth-values. Second-order arithmetic (PA2) is a case in hand: it can be s…Read more