• Despite growing interest in the use of visual methods as a way to engage with issues of representation, meaning, and power relations in qualitative research, only limited literature is available on the use of participant-generated imagery in guiding or supplementing semi-structured or open-ended interviewing methods in the health and social science disciplines, or in navigating issues of interviewing vulnerable persons who have experienced trauma. We draw from a study exploring resilience among …Read more
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    Cost‐benefit analysis of clinical pharmacist intervention in preventing adverse drug events in the general chronic diseases outpatients
    with Rajaa A. Al‐Qudah, Daoud Al‐Badriyeh, Shoroq M. Altawalbeh, and Iman A. Basheti
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. forthcoming.
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    Shared decision‐making in dentistry: A concise narrative review
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 25 (6): 1088-1093. 2019.
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    This paper explores the ‘indigenous’ philosophy of education of Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas, a Malay-Muslim scholar who’s theoretical work culminated in the establishment of a counter-colonial higher education institution. Through presenting al-Attas’ life and philosophy and by exploring the arguments of his critics, I aim to shed light on the challenges and paradoxes faced by indigenous academics working at the interface of philosophy and education.
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    Self-esteem and spiritual health in cancer patients under chemotherapy in Semnan University of Medical Sciences in 2014
    with Naimsadat kia, Majid Mirmohammadkhani, Farahnaz Ghahremanfard, and Elaheh Ghods
    Health, Spirituality and Medical Ethics 3 (4): 29-37. 2016.
    Background and Objectives: Cancer as a frightening disease may affect people's confidence in their abilities, sense of controlling over their lives, and in other words self-esteem. Spiritual health as the main aspect of health can be an important source for calmness, decrease in existential distress, improvement of self-esteem and coping with the disease. This study was conducted to investigate the correlation between spiritual health and self-esteem in Iranian cancer patients. Methods: This cro…Read more
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    The Nexus between Technological Learning, Downsizing, Employee Commitment, and Organizational Performance
    with Adeel Razzaq, Arslan Ayub, and Muhammad Salman Aslam
    Nexus 2 (10): 74-80. 2013.