• Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Chicago
Department of Philosophy, Committee on Social Thought
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
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    Ethical Challenges for School Nurses in Documenting Schoolchildren's Health
    with Eva K. Clausson and Lennart Köhler
    Nursing Ethics 15 (1): 40-51. 2008.
    This study explored Swedish school nurses' experiences of school health record documentation. Fifty per cent of a representative sample of Swedish school nurses (n = 129) reported difficulties with documenting mental and social health problems in family relationships, schoolchildren's behaviour, and school situations. Ethical considerations concerning fears of misinterpretation and practical barriers to documentation were expressed as reasons for their worries. Mental and social ill health is an…Read more
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    Moral Responsibility: A Relational Way of Being
    with Inga-Britt Lindh and Elisabeth Severinsson
    Nursing Ethics 14 (2): 129-140. 2007.
    This article reports a study exploring the meaning of the complex phenomenon of moral responsibility in nursing practice. Each of three focus groups with a total of 14 student nurses were conducted twice to gather their views on moral responsibility in nursing practice. The data were analysed by qualitative thematic content analysis. Moral responsibility was interpreted as a relational way of being, which involved guidance by one’s inner compass composed of ideals, values and knowledge that tran…Read more
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    Courage and nursing practice: A theoretical analysis
    with Inga-Britt Lindh, António Barbosa da Silva, and Elisabeth Severinsson
    Nursing Ethics 17 (5): 551-565. 2010.
    This article aims to deepen the understanding of courage through a theoretical analysis of classical philosophers’ work and a review of published and unpublished empirical research on courage in nursing. The authors sought answers to questions regarding how courage is understood from a philosophical viewpoint and how it is expressed in nursing actions. Four aspects were identified as relevant to a deeper understanding of courage in nursing practice: courage as an ontological concept, a moral vir…Read more
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    Ein geeignetes Land. Zum Verhältnis von Schwedens Bevölkerungspolitik der Zwischenkriegszeit und Familienplanung in Indien nach der Unabhängigkeit. Der Aufsatz geht der ausgeprägten Kontinuität nach, die zwischen Schwedens nationaler Bevölkerungspolitik und der Beteiligung schwedischer Experten an internationalen und transnationalen Programmen zur Bevölkerungskontrolle in der Nachkriegszeit bestand. Die Autorin argumentiert, dass das schwedische Engagement für Bevölkerungskontrolle in der Dritte…Read more
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    Democratic negotiations of religion and politics
    Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy 28 (1): 30-34. 2008.