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    A Refutation of Frege’s Context Principle?
    Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 1 (1): 26-35. 2012.
    This paper explores the limitations of current empirical approaches to the philosophy of language in light of a recent criticism of Frege's context principle. According to this criticism, the context principle is in conflict with certain features of natural language use and this is held to undermine its application in Foundations of Arithmetic. I argue that this view is mistaken because the features with which the context principle is alleged to be in conflict are irrelevant to the principle's m…Read more
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    Anti- Naturalism: The Role of Non-Empirical Methods in Philosophy
    History and Philosophy of Logic 34 (3): 196-206. 2013.
    Some naturalistic conceptions of philosophical methodologies interpret the doctrine that philosophy is continuous with science to mean that philosophical investigations must implement empirical methods and must not depart from the experimental results that the scientific application of those methods reveal. In this paper, I argue that while our answers to philosophical questions are certainly constrained by empirical considerations, this does not imply that the methods by which these questions a…Read more