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    Ibn Sina's Theory of Efficient Causality and Special Divine Action
    Avicennian Philosophy Journal 19 (54): 79-94. 2015.
    Ibn Sina’s theory of efficient causality includes the definitions of metaphysical and natural efficient causes. In the first section, these definitions and two theses about their relation will be introduced. َAccording to the first thesis, natural efficient causes do not bestow existence and therefore they are not metaphysical. The alternative thesis defends bestowing existence by natural efficient causes, although this ontological status is restricted only to conferring existence of motion. In …Read more
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    Two-Dimensional Theory of Scientific Representation
    with H. Sheikh Rezaee
    Metaphysics (University of Isfahan) 4 (14): 83-94. 2013.
    Scientific representation is an interesting topic for philosophers of science, many of whom have recently explored it from different points of view. There are currently two competing approaches to the issue: cognitive and non-cognitive, and each of them claims its own merits over the other. This article tries to provide a hybrid theory of scientific representation, called Two-Dimensional Theory of Scientific Representation, which has the merits of the two accounts and is free of their shortcomin…Read more