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    On the Genetic Modification of Psychology, Personality, and Behavior
    Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 22 (4): 307-343. 2012.
    I argue that the use of heritable modifications for psychology, personality, and behavior should be limited to the reversal or prevention of relatively unambiguous instances of pathology or likely harm (e.g. sociopathy). Most of the likely modifications of psychological personality would not be of this nature, however, and parents therefore should not have the freedom to make such modifications to future children. I argue by examining the viewpoints of both the individual and society. For indivi…Read more
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    Bringing a critical structural frame to person-centered care
    American Journal of Bioethics 13 (8): 57-58. 2013.
    This article offers commentary on a work in the same journal issue. I argue that the authors, Entwistle and Watt, approach person-centered care in health care with a questionable focus on the understanding of concepts as the primary causal mechanism and bracket-out considerations of the structural conditions of medical practice. I argue that the challenges in implementing person-centered care have not been from a difficulty articulating and/or understanding such goals, but from failing to addres…Read more