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    In the article, with the help of various models, the thesis on the fundamental nature of the field form of matter in physics is considered. In the first chapter a model of special relativity is constructed, on the basis of which the priority of the massless form of matter is revealed. In the second chapter, a field model of inert and heavy mass is constructed and on this basis the mechanism of inertia and gravity of weighty bodies is revealed. In the third chapter, the example of geons shows the…Read more
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    В книге на основе определенного философского подхода и под новым углом зрения рассматриваются: 1. Специальная теория относительности. Сущность указанной теории раскрывается с помощью метода моделирования. Это позволяет понять не только действительный смысл преобразований Лоренца, но и решить проблему инертной и тяжелой масс. 2. Рассматриваются геоны - экзотические объекты, появляющиеся в результате гравитационного взаимодействия безмассовых квантов энергии. 3. Обсуждаются некоторые необычные сво…Read more
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    Science and irrationalism or the generalized complementarity principle of Bohr
    Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics (Kiev) 4 (2): 49-63. 2004.
    The article formulates and substantiates the philosophical epistemological principle, which generalizes the principle of complementarity of Bohr to all phenomena of reality. The general complementarity principle is formulated as follows: the rational side of reality and its cognition and its associated irrational side of reality and its cognition are complementary to each other. The general principle of complementarity allows one to search for phenomena of duality in various fields, grouping the…Read more
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    About multidimensional spaces
    Physics of Consciousness and Life,Cosmology and Astrophysics 4 (3): 41-44. 2004.
    In the article, based on the philosophical analysis of the concept of "three-dimensional space", a model of multidimensional space is constructed, reflecting the properties of intersections of multidimensional spaces. The model reveals some unusual aspects of multidimensional spaces.
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    Philosophical Model of Special Relativity
    Quantum Magic 9 (3): 3113-3123. 2012.
    The model of special relativity is built in the article. Within the framework of the model, formulas of special relativity are obtained and their philosophical and physical meaning is revealed.
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    Наука и иррационализм
    Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics (Kiev) 4 (2): 49-63. 2004.
    Обсуждается применение принципа дополнительности Бора к иррациональной стороне действительности. .
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    The article describes exotic objects, the geons, which emerge as the result of gravitational attraction among massless energy quanta. It is shown that the formation of geons occurs at the energy Epl = 10^19 GeV and leads to the rise of microscopic black holes of a Planck dimension, Planck mass and two horizon events. It is shown that the formation of Planck geons is energetically more likely in 3-dimensional space than with ``physics" of geons in a space of a different number of dimensions, what…Read more