University of Connecticut
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2013
New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America
Areas of Interest
Normative Ethics
  •  3
    The interpersonal is political: unfriending to promote civic discourse on social media
    Ethics and Information Technology 22 (1): 15-24. 2020.
    Despite the initial promise of social media platforms as a means of facilitating discourse on matters of civic discourse, in practice it has turned out to impair fruitful conversation on civic issues by a number of means. From self-isolation into echo chambers, to algorithmically supported filter bubbles, to widespread failure to engage politically owing to psychological phenomena like the ‘spiral of silence’, a variety of factors have been blamed. I argue that extant accounts overlook the impor…Read more
  • Guest editorial
    with Marty J. Wolf and Gosia Plotka
    Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 17 (2): 114-118. 2019.
  •  10
    What Words Can’t Say
    Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 16 (1): 2-15. 2018.
  •  163
    Excellent online friendships: an Aristotelian defense of social media
    Ethics and Information Technology 16 (4): 287-297. 2014.
    I defend social media’s potential to support Aristotelian virtue friendship against a variety of objections. I begin with Aristotle’s claim that the foundation of the best friendships is a shared life. Friends share the distinctively human and valuable components of their lives, especially reasoning together by sharing conversation and thoughts, and communal engagement in valued activities. Although some have charged that shared living is not possible between friends who interact through digital…Read more
  •  9
    False friends and false coinage
    Acm Sigcas Computers and Society 45 (3): 248-254. 2015.