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    Topological Manifold Space via Neutrosophic Crisp Set Theory
    with A. A. Salama and Hewayda ElGhawalby
    Neutrosophic Sets and Systems 15 18-21. 2017.
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    Daividson and the Problem of Skepticism
    Journal of Philosophical Theological Research 11 (43-44): 219-237. 2010.
    With epistemological doctrine, Davidson, is connected to destroy all types skeptical foundations. He outlines the epistemic sides in the three sides: self knowledge, knowledge of the other minds and knowledge of the world. And he believes that these sides are inseparable from each other and with negation and put aside from which sides the possibility of knowledge become obviated. This article tries to explain the dimensions of the epistemological triangle and criticize the requirements of such i…Read more