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    On Sportsmanship and “Running Up the Score”: Issues of Incompetence and Humiliation
    with Luanne Fox, Doug McLaughlin, and Kurt Zimmerman
    Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 23 (1): 58-69. 1996.
    No abstract
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    Sport, moral interpretivism, and football's voluntary suspension of play norm
    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 3 (1): 49-65. 2009.
    In recent years it has become increasingly the norm in football1 to kick the ball out of play when a player is, or appears to be, inadvertently injured. Kicking the ball out of play in football represents a particular instantiation of a generally understood fair play norm, the voluntary suspension of play (VSP). In the philosophical literature, support for the VSP norm is provided by John Russell (2007) who claims that his interpretivist account of sport is helpful for evaluating complex moral i…Read more
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    Sport, Technology and the Body
    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 6 (1): 78-81. 2012.
    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 78-81, February 2012
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    Player quotas in elite club football
    with Hywel Iorwerth
    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 8 (2): 147-156. 2014.
    FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s recent attempt to resurrect the 6 + 5 quota for club football which limits the number of home-grown players to six is a protectionist measure at odds with global trends in free trade and freedom of movement. We remain unconvinced that his goals—to arrest the decline in the competitive quality and balance of international football, ensure greater investment in developing native talent and safeguarding national identity—are a problem or served well by such a regulatio…Read more
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    The Moral Pathologies of National Sporting Representation at the Olympics
    with Hywel Iorwerth and Carwyn Jones
    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 6 (2): 267-288. 2012.
    Nationality, citizenship and eligibility have become increasingly relevant in sport, especially under current conditions where there is an increasing number of players who change their ?allegiances? for international sporting purposes. While it is reasonable to link such trends to wider processes of globalisation and accelerated migratory flows, it is also evident that national sporting representation is subject to the venal power of commercialism. The concern is that national representation has…Read more
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    The Case for Inter-national Sport: A Reply to Gleaves and Llewellyn
    with Hywel Iorwerth
    Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 42 (3): 425-441. 2015.
    In their recent contribution to JPS, Gleaves and Llewellyn argue on lusory and ethical grounds that elite sporting competition should cease to be predicated on competitions between nations. From a lusory perspective, they argue that inter-national sports’ limitation on who can compete undermines some of the central principles of elite sport, such as athletic supremacy and merit. From an ethical perspective, they argue that inter-national sport is categorically unethical because the national and …Read more
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    Pragmatic conventionalism and sport normativity in the face of intractable dilemmas
    with Tim L. Elcombe
    Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 47 (1): 14-32. 2019.
    We build on Morgan’s deep conventionalist base by offering a pragmatic approach for achieving normative progress on sports most intractable problems (e.g. performance enhancemen...
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    What’s Wrong with the Scrum Laws in Rugby Union? — Judgment, Truth and Refereeing
    with Carwyn Jones and Neil Hennessy
    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 13 (1): 78-93. 2017.
    Officiating and the role of officials in sport is are crucial and often decisive factors in sports contests. Justice and desert of sport contests, in part, rely on officiating truths that arise from an appropriate admixture of epistemic and metaphysical ingredients. This paper provides a rigorous and original philosophical analysis of the problems of obeying and applying the rules of sport. The paper focuses on a the scrum in rugby union. The scrum has become a focus of criticism and bewildermen…Read more
  • Philosophy of Sport: International Perspectives (edited book)
    with Carwyn Jones
    Cambridge Scholars Press. 2010.
    The book Philosophy of Sport: International Perspectives represents the work of some of the leading moral and philosophical academics in the popular practice of sport. All contributors are scholars and researchers in the area of the Philosophy of Sport, a growing area of serious study within universities and colleges across the world. The contributors are also active members of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport a worldwide organisation dedicated to the development of the …Read more