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    Climate Change and Justice: A Non-Welfarist Treaty Negotiation Framework
    Ethics, Policy and Environment 18 (2): 123-145. 2015.
    Obstacles to achieving a global climate treaty include disagreements about questions of justice raised by the UNFCCC's principle that countries should respond to climate change by taking cooperative action "in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities and their social and economic conditions". Aiming to circumvent such disagreements, Climate Change Justice authors Eric Posner and David Weisbach argue against shaping treaty proposals according to…Read more
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    No Justice in Climate Policy? Broome versus Posner, Weisbach, and Gardiner
    Midwest Studies in Philosophy 40 (1): 172-188. 2016.
    The urgent importance of dealing with the climate crisis has led some influential theorists to argue that at least some demands for justice must give way to pragmatic and strategic considerations. These theorists (Cass Sunstein, Eric Posner, and David Weisbach, all academic lawyers, and John Broome, an academic philosopher) contend that the failures of international negotiations and other efforts to change economic policies and practices have shown that moral exhortations are worse than ineffect…Read more
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    Pauline Kleingeld argues that according to Kant it would be wrong to coerce a state into an international federation, due to the wrongness of paternalism. Although I agree that Kant opposes the waging of war as a means to peace, I disagree with Kleingeld's account of the reasons why he would oppose coercing a state into a federation. Since she does not address the broader question of the permissibility of interstate coercion, she does not properly address the narrower question of whether coercio…Read more
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    Universal human rights in a world of difference - by Brooke A. Ackerly
    Ethics and International Affairs 23 (4): 428-430. 2009.
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    Cosmopolitanism and the Climate Crisis
    Con-Textos Kantianos 1 (10): 84-101. 2019.
    As awareness of global warming has spread during the past couple of decades and developed into the realization that humanity faces an existential threat, a number of more or less Kantian liberal or cosmopolitan moral and political theorists have attempted to address questions of justice raised by the climate crisis. David Held was among the most prolific and influential of them. Here I discuss Held's cosmopolitan perspective on climate governance and consider its bearing on certain recent propos…Read more
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    Human Rights Reconceived: A Defense of Rawls's Law of Peoples
    Dissertation, Harvard University. 2000.
    How can respect for cultural and religious differences be reconciled with the conviction that everyone has basic human rights that must be secured? Should liberal states require that non-liberal states secure human rights, and can they do so without being intolerant and oppressive? Is there a human right to democracy, and should a liberal hold that all states must become modern liberal democracies and may be pressured to reform their traditional practices and institutions? Do human rights includ…Read more
  • International Law and Democracy: A Critique of Kant via Teson
    In Valerio Hrsg V. Rohden, Ricardo Terra & Guido Almeida (eds.), Recht Und Frieden in der Philosophie Kants, . pp. 1--207. 2008.