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    Are Ballot Initiatives a Good Way to Make Education Policy? The Case of Affirmative Action
    with Michele S. Moses
    Educational Studies 47 (3): 260-279. 2011.
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    The Central Role of Philosophy in a Study of Community Dialogues
    with Michele S. Moses and Lauren P. Saenz
    Studies in Philosophy and Education 34 (2): 193-203. 2015.
    The project we highlight in this article stems from our philosophical work on moral disagreements that appear to be—and sometimes are—intractable. Deliberative democratic theorists tout the merits of dialogue as an effective way to bridge differences of values and opinion, ideally resulting in agreement, or perhaps more often resulting in greater mutual understanding. Could dialogue mitigate disagreements about a controversial education policy such as affirmative action? Could it foster greater …Read more
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    Are ballot initiatives a good way to make education policy? The case of affirmative action
    with Michele S. Moses
    Educational Studies: A Jrnl of the American Educ. Studies Assoc 47 (3): 260-279. 2011.