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    The Wandering Mind: Where Imagination Meets Consciousness
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 25 (11-12): 34-52. 2018.
    Daydreaming, or the seemingly aimless and inadvertent roaming of the mind, is a common experience that each of us undergoes several times a day during our waking lives. This fascinating phenomenon, which has been described as being akin to a 'private theatre', is typically considered an altered state in relation to human consciousness as well as a central operation within the playground of the human imagination. This paper provides a selective overview of the types and functions of daydreaming a…Read more
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    Integrated production distribution problem in a partial backorder and order refusal environment
    with T. Radha Ramanan, R. Sridharan, and K. Ratna Kumar
    International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy 12 (3): 296. 2019.
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    Editorial: Special issue CISIS12-IGPL
    with A. Herrero, V. Sna el, Z. Ivan, H. Quintian, and E. Corchado
    Logic Journal of the IGPL 23 (1): 1-3. 2015.
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    Editorial: Special issue HAIS12-IGPL
    with H. Quintian, E. Corchado, A. de Carvalho, M. Wozniak, M. Grana, and S. -B. Cho
    Logic Journal of the IGPL 23 (3): 355-358. 2015.