•  22
    Imagination and the Imaginary
    with Tone Roald
    The European Legacy 24 (7-8): 866-868. 2019.
    Volume 24, Issue 7-8, November - December 2019, Page 866-868.
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    Imagination in Experiences of Visual Art: An Investigation in Phenomenological Psychology
    with Tone Roald
    Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 55 (1): 62-88. 2024.
    In this article, we demonstrate empirically that imagination is fundamental in experiences of visual art. We do so through phenomenological interviews and analysis in dialogue with works of the phenomenologists Mikel Dufrenne, Edmund Husserl and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. We challenge Dufrenne’s delimiting of imagination to a pre-reflective power of synthesis, and argue in favor of a more comprehensive psychological understanding of imagination, which encompasses psychological differences in actual …Read more
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    Merleau-Ponty and the face of the world: silence, ethics, imagination, and poetic ontology, written by Glen A. Mazis (review)
    with Tone Roald
    Journal of Phenomenological Psychology 49 (1): 113-117. 2018.