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  • An Essay on the Relation Between Thought and Language Christopher Gauker. things possible? How, having once perceived the herds by the lake, does the agent remember this for later use? My answer is that one way he may do it is ...
  • Unshadowed Thought: Representation in Thought and Language
    Charles Travis
    Harvard University Press. 2000.
  • Expression, thought, and language
    Philosophia 31 (1-2): 33-54. 2003.
    This paper discusses an "expressive constraint" on accounts of thought and language which requires that when a speaker expresses a belief by sincerely uttering a sentence, the utterance and the belief have the same content. It will be argued that this constraint should be viewed as expressing a conceptual connection between thought and language rather than a mere empirical generalization about the two. However, the most obvious accounts of the relation between thought and language compatible wit…Read more
  • Frege and Chomsky on thought and language
    J. M. Moravcsik
    Midwest Studies in Philosophy 6 (1): 105-123. 1981.
  • No conceptual thought without language
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (6): 687-687. 2002.
    Carruthers labels as “too strong” the thesis that language is necessary for all conceptual thought. Languageless creatures certainly do think, but when we get clear about what is meant by “conceptual thought,” it appears doubtful that conceptual thought is possible without language.
  • Thought and Language (edited book)
    John M. Preston
    Cambridge University Press. 1998.
    In this volume, several major twentieth-century philosophers of mind and language make further contributions to the debate.