• Ecology, Ethics and Hope (edited book)
    Rowman & Littlefield International. 2015.
    This volume brings together essays written at the cutting edge of an emerging sub-field of environmental philosophy, relating to the nature and role of hope.
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    Rights & Nature
    Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 26 (2): 393-408. 2013.
    Due to the significant and often careless human impact on the natural environment, there are serious problems facing the people of today and of future generations. To date, ethical, aesthetic, religious, and economic arguments for the conservation and protection of the natural environment have made relatively little headway. Another approach, one capable of garnering attention and motivating action, would be welcome. There is another approach, one that I will call a rights approach. Speaking gen…Read more
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    Complementarianism: An Apology of Sorts
    Southwest Philosophy Review 30 (2): 55-56. 2014.
    Unfortunately, we are heirs to a history which has conditioned us to a remarkable extent. In every time and place, this conditioning has been an obstacle to the progress of women. Women’s dignity has often been unacknowledged and their prerogatives misrepresented; they have often been relegated to the margins of society and even reduced to servitude. This has prevented women from truly being themselves and it has resulted in a spiritual impoverishment of humanity.