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    Contracts Capsized by COVID-19: A Legal and Jewish Ethical Analysis
    with Tsuriel Rashi
    Journal of Business Ethics 178 (2): 403-413. 2022.
    Countless contracts have been undermined by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 as well as government orders to contain it. Flights have been canceled, concerts have been called off, and dorms have been closed, just to name a few. Do these all count as breaches of contract—or are the parties excused due to the extraordinary circumstances? And how should the losses be allocated between the parties? The law provides one set of answers to these questions; ethics offers another. With a focus on American l…Read more
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    This article situates Nathaniel Branden's unique contributions to clinical psychology in the cognitive and behavioral therapy traditions, and describes ways in which Brandenian concepts were prefigured in the work of Alfred Adler and have been echoed in the work of modern behavior therapists, most notably Steven Hayes and Marsha Linehan. A dialectical sensibility common to all these contributors is noted. The article concludes with a reflection on Branden's sociological fate, offering an analogy…Read more
  • Nature in Process: Organic Proposals in Philosophy, Society and Religion (edited book)
    with Andrew M. Davis and Maria-Terisa Teixeira
    Process Century Press. 2022.