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    The present essay reconsiders Georges Bataille’s politics of the impossible in light of Jean-Luc Nancy’s and Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe’s collaborative work conducted at the Centre for Philosophical Research on the Political. In particular, my submission critically assesses Nancy’s and Lacoue-Labarthe’s concerted effort to displace the problematic of the subject to make room for a new ground of the political derived from Bataillean conception of community. While Bataille’s philosophy proved to be …Read more
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    In one of his late interviews, Alain Badiou acknowledges that his concept of the event can be traced back to Jean-Paul Sartre's notion of the group-in-fusion, presented in the Critique of Dialectic...
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    Features of formation of the policy of multiculturalism in Ukraine: peculiarities, problems, prospects
    Epistemological studies in Philosophy, Social and Political Sciences 3 (22): 189-195. 2012.
    The system of rationalized parliamentarism as a system of state board and specific of the single legislative body functioning in the transition to democracy are considered. The features of the functioning of the system in terms of the political transformation of transit countries are defined.
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    Alain Badiou’s intellectual relationship with Jean-Paul Sartre is an ambivalent and complicated one, encompassing a profession of discipleship that commences the former’s philosophical itinerary, a subsequent detachment, and an inevitable return. The wavering and strained nature of this relationship is brilliantly conveyed in the very title of Badiou’s essay, “Commitment, Detachment, Fidelity”, in which the author admits that his initial exposure to Sartre’s thought amounted to nothing less than…Read more