•  9
    Review of Equality and Legitimacy by Wojciech Sadurski (review)
    Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 34 266-268. 2009.
  •  512
    Burdens of Proof and the Case for Unevenness
    with Imran Aijaz and Jonathan McKeown-Green
    Argumentation 27 (3): 259-282. 2013.
    How is the burden of proof to be distributed among individuals who are involved in resolving a particular issue? Under what conditions should the burden of proof be distributed unevenly? We distinguish attitudinal from dialectical burdens and argue that these questions should be answered differently, depending on which is in play. One has an attitudinal burden with respect to some proposition when one is required to possess sufficient evidence for it. One has a dialectical burden with respect to…Read more
  •  492
    Conjuring Ethics from Words
    with Jonathan McKeown-Green and Glen Pettigrove
    Noûs 49 (1): 71-93. 2015.
    Many claims about conceptual matters are often represented as, or inferred from, claims about the meaning, reference, or mastery, of words. But sometimes this has led to treating conceptual analysis as though it were nothing but linguistic analysis. We canvass the most promising justifications for moving from linguistic premises to substantive conclusions. We show that these justifications fail and argue against current practice (in metaethics and elsewhere), which confuses an investigation of a…Read more