• The structure and migration patterns of the population of Uruguay through isonymy
    with M. Sans, J. E. Dipierri, E. Alfaro, E. Mamolini, M. Sandri, C. Scapoli, and I. Barrai
    Journal of Biosocial Science 1-15. forthcoming.
    Surname distribution can be a useful tool for studying the genetic structure of a human population. In South America, the Uruguay population has traditionally been considered to be of European ancestry, despite its trihybrid origin, as proved through genetics. The aim of this study was to investigate the structure of the Uruguayan population, resulting from population movements and surname drift in the country. The distribution of the surnames of 2,501,774 people on the electoral register was st…Read more
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    Human Evolutionary Model
    with O. Montiel, O. Castillo, P. Melin, and R. Sepulveda
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 14 (2-3): 213-236. 2005.
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    Handling Uncertainty in Controllers Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
    with R. Sepulveda, O. Castillo, P. Melin, and O. Montiel
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 14 (2-3): 237-262. 2005.
  • Nowadays, the high-temperature plasticity of yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals is successfully explained in terms of a threshold stress. Despite the fact that its existence is very well proved experimentally, the origin and nature of the threshold stress are still unexplained. This work develops a possible explanation for the threshold stress in YTZPs. The model developed in this paper is able to explain quantitatively the dependence of this threshold stress with temperature and…Read more