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    Life Stories: Beyond Construction
    Journal of Critical Realism 11 (2): 139-162. 2012.
    This article explores the way in which certain theoretical frameworks and analytical procedures combine to present stories about experience as objects of no depth, confusing this artefact with the phenomenon studied. By pointing out abusive potentials in a constructivist approach, it is argued that critical realism is needed in the field of narrative analysis. The creation of life stories as well as the project of analysing them involve interaction with a material world, and elaboration on it. W…Read more
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    From no whinge scenarios to viability tree
    with Luc Doyen, C. Armstrong, S. Baumgärtner, C. Béné, F. Blanchard, A. A. Cissé, R. Cooper, L. X. C. Dutra, D. Freitas, S. Gourguet, Felipe Gusmao, P.-Y. Hardy, A. Jarre, L. R. Little, C. Macher, M. Quaas, E. Regnier, N. Sanz, and O. Thébaud
    Ecological Economics 163 183-188. 2019.
    Avoiding whinges from various and potentially conflicting stakeholders is a major challenge for sustainable development and for the identification of sustainability scenarios or policies for biodiversity and ecosystem services. It turns out that independently complying with whinge thresholds and constraints of these stakeholders is not sufficient because dynamic ecological-economic interactions and uncertainties occur. Thus more demanding no whinge standards are needed. In this paper, we first a…Read more