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    Naturally Intentional
    Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 39 157-165. 2008.
    This paper takes its departure from a cluster of approaches to Intentionality that could be headed under the title “Naturalizing Intentionality.” The author groups them into two different arguments: The defenders of the Original-Derived Intentionality argument hold that while there may be such a thing as originalintentionality understood in Brentano’s sense which applies to the mental, we usually extend this intentionality to processes, machines and all sorts of other things. The defenders of th…Read more
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    Feminists Contest Politics and Philosophy
    with Lisa Gurley and Claudia Leeb
    PIE - Peter Lang. 2005.
    The color of the book’s cover alludes to the time and context in which this critical volume originated: the 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference Celebrating International Women’s Day at the New School for Social Research in New York City. At that time, ‘orange alerts’ were issued by the United States to create a climate of fear and thereby stifle any critical debate of its foreign and domestic policy. The feminist thinkers presented in this volume are alert that such a critique is needed. They draw …Read more
  • The Time of Metaphor
    Women in Philosophy Journal 2 57-71. 2002.