•  70
    Cultural safety and the challenges of translating critically oriented knowledge in practice
    with Colleen Varcoe, Victoria Smye, Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, M. Judith Lynam, and Sabrina Wong
    Nursing Philosophy 10 (3): 167-179. 2009.
    Cultural safety is a relatively new concept that has emerged in the New Zealand nursing context and is being taken up in various ways in Canadian health care discourses. Our research team has been exploring the relevance of cultural safety in the Canadian context, most recently in relation to a knowledge-translation study conducted with nurses practising in a large tertiary hospital. We were drawn to using cultural safety because we conceptualized it as being compatible with critical theoretical…Read more
  •  19
    The influence of liberal political ideology on nursing science
    Nursing Inquiry 8 (2): 118-129. 2001.
    The influence of liberal political ideology on nursing sciencePrevious notions of science as impartial and value-neutral have been refuted by contemporary views of science as influenced by social, political and ideological values. By locating nursing science in the dominant political ideology of liberalism, the author examines how nursing knowledge is influenced by liberal philosophical assumptions. The central tenets of liberal political philosophy — individualism, egalitarianism, freedom, tole…Read more
  •  17
    The influence of democratic racism in nursing inquiry
    with Carla T. Hilario and Alysha McFadden
    Nursing Inquiry 25 (1). 2018.
  •  14
    Examining the potential of nurse practitioners from a critical social justice perspective
    with Denise S. Tarlier
    Nursing Inquiry 15 (2): 83-93. 2008.
  •  13
    ‘Now we call it research’: participatory health research involving marginalized women who use drugs
    with Amy Salmon and Ann Pederson
    Nursing Inquiry 17 (4): 336-345. 2010.
  •  12
    Public health nursing practice with ‘high priority’ families: the significance of contextualizing ‘risk’
    with Gweneth Hartrick Doane, Joanne Reimer, Martha L. P. MacLeod, and Edna McLellan
    Nursing Inquiry 17 (1): 27-38. 2010.
  •  11
    Drawing on antiracist approaches toward a critical antidiscriminatory pedagogy for nursing
    with Amélie Blanchet Garneau and Colleen Varcoe
    Nursing Inquiry 25 (1). 2018.