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    Life in Common: Distributive Ecological Justice on a Shared Earth
    Dissertation, University of Manchester. 2018.
    This thesis lies in the overlap of environmental political theory and environmental ethics. More specifically, it focuses on the intersection between distributive ecological justice (justice to nature), and environmental justice (distributing environmental goods between humans). Against the backdrop of the current sixth extinction crisis, I address the question of what constitutes a just usage of ecological space. I define ecological space as encompassing environmental resources, benefits provid…Read more
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    Half-earth: our planet’s fight for life, by Edward O. Wilson (review)
    Environmental Politics 25 1162-1164. 2016.
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    Situating the Half-Earth proposal in distributive justice: Conditions for just conservation
    Biological Conservation 228 (December 2018): 44-51. 2018.
    The Half-Earth proposal (or ‘Nature Needs Half’) was put forward as an answer to the current sixth mass extinction crisis on Earth and sparked a debate with disagreement on empirical and normative questions. In this paper I focus on the so far undertheorised normative debate and will provide some conditions that would need to be fulfilled in order for the Half-Earth proposal to serve justice. As I will illustrate, to even begin with situating the Half-Earth proposal within an account of justice …Read more
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    Sharing the Earth: A Biocentric Account of Ecological Justice
    Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 30 (3): 367-385. 2017.
    Although ethical and justice arguments operate in two distinct levels—justice being a more specific concept—they can easily be conflated. A robust justification of ecological justice requires starting at the roots of justice, rather than merely giving, for example, an argument for why certain non-human beings have moral standing of some kind. Thus, I propose that a theory of ecological justice can benefit from a four-step justification for the inclusion of non-human beings into the community of …Read more