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    A Review of “Philosophy of Foucault (European Philosophy Series)” (review)
    Educational Studies: A Jrnl of the American Educ. Studies Assoc 44 (1): 77-82. 2008.
    (2008). A Review of “Philosophy of Foucault (European Philosophy Series)”. Educational Studies: Vol. 44, SPECIAL ISSUE: INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACHES TO EDUCATIONAL REFORM WITHIN A FOUCAULTIAN FRAMEWORK, pp. 77-82
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    At the end of the nineteenth century, the manual training (MT) movement was a major concern for educators, industrialists, and politicians, and this included John Dewey. For Dewey. his unique version of MT, or "occupations," was a method of learning by doing that was at the center of the curriculum and had equal weight with other studies. It was also a key component of a pedagogy that considered the psychology of the child,1 liberal studies, and the social dimension of learning; however, it was …Read more
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    The Irish (Film)
    Educational Studies 10 (2): 199-200. 1979.