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    All suggested notions of reduction of two scientific theories are critically reviewed and analyzed. In particular those applied to the case of the alleged reduction of Chemistry to Quantum mechanics are examined. Since it is recognized that the weakness of this field of research is the lack of a definition of a scientific theory, it is suggested that a scientific theory is characterized by two choices regarding two dichotomies, that is, the kind of mathematics and the kind of logic. According to…Read more
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    A re-visitation of Joule’s experiment motivates a critical analysis of thermodynamic notions: heat, total energy, first principle, organization of a scientific theory, its relationships with logic and mathematics. A rational re-construction of thermodynamics is suggested according to the model of a problem-based organization, that Sadi Carnot applied to his formulation. The new formulation accomplishes the long time theoretical process started by Joule’s experiment within physicists community's …Read more
  • Defining a General Structure of Four Inferential Processes by Means of Four Pairs of Choices Concerning Two Basic Dichotomies
    In Matthieu Fontaine, Cristina Barés-Gómez, Francisco Salguero-Lamillar, Lorenzo Magnani & Ángel Nepomuceno-Fernández (eds.), Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology, Springer Verlag. 2019.
    In previous papers I have characterized four ways of reasoning in Peirce’s philosophy, and four ways of reasoning in Computability Theory. I have established their correspondence on the basis of the four pairs of choices regarding two dichotomies, respectively the dichotomy between two kinds of Mathematics and the dichotomy between two kinds of Logic. In the present paper I introduce four principles of reasoning in theoretical Physics and I interpret also them by means of the four pairs of c…Read more
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    The main subject of Cusanus’ investigations was the name of God. He claimed to have achieved the best possible one, Not-Other. Since Cusanus stressed that these two words do not mean the corresponding affirmative word, i.e. the same, they represent the failure of the double negation law and therefore belong to non-classical, and above all, intuitionist logic. Some of his books implicitly applied intuitionist reasoning and the corresponding organization of a theory which is governed by intuitioni…Read more
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    Following Weyl on Quantum Mechanics: The Contribution of Ettore Majorana (review)
    with S. Esposito
    Foundations of Physics 34 (5): 871-887. 2004.
    After a quick historical account of the introduction of the group-theoretical description of quantum mechanics in terms of symmetries, as proposed by Weyl, we examine some unpublished papers by Ettore Majorana. Remarkable results achieved by him in frontier research topics as well as in physics teaching point out that the Italian physicist can be well considered as a follower of Weyl in his reformulation of quantum mechanics
  • I will present paraconsistent logic in three different contexts: i) the experimental context, in which a statement is considered as concerning an experimental datum ; ii) the theoretical context, in which a statement is considered in a provisional way, as a candidate for playing inside a theoretical framework the role of a principle; iii) the foundational context, where a same statement leads to compare two different semantics according to two different formalizations of a same theory; in other …Read more
  • I introduce a new method for investigating those original textswhich illustrate a theory which is aimed at solving a general problem. Themethod comprises two investigations. The first investigation is aimed atrecognising, within the original texts, all the occurrences of double negationsand ad absurdum arguments. These occurrences mean that the author argueswithin non-classical logic, his logical thread develops through a chain of doublenegated sentences which compose units of argument, each end…Read more
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    Lanza del Vasto's Structural Ethics on War and Peace
    Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics 6 (6): 67-80. 2015.
    Motivated by the alarming recurrence of wars, Lanza del Vasto became Gandhi’s disciple. From a social interpretation of biblical texts he derived a characterization of non-violence as the conversion from not only personal negative drives, but also from the influences of negative social institutions and the entire civilization. His intellectual categories comprise an ethical conception of four essentially different models of development. This pluralism subsists inasmuch as the representatives of …Read more
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    In the present paper Peirce’s inferential processes are accurately defined against the background of the four ways of reasoning in Computability theory, i.e. general recursion, unbounded minimalization, oracle and undecidabilities. It is shown that Peirce anticipated almost all them.
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    Suggestion for Teaching Science as a Pluralist Enterprise
    Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science 5 66-83. 2018.
    The change in the organization of science education over the past fifty years is quickly recalled. Being its cultural bound the lack of a conception of the foundation of science, the multiple innovations have resulted as temporary improvements without a clear direction, apart from the technocratic goal of an automation of learning processes. The discovery of two dichotomies as the foundations of science suggests a pluralist conception of science, and hence the need to entirely renew science educ…Read more
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    A Pluralist Foundation of the Mathematics of the First Half of the Twentieth Century
    Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research 34 (2): 343-363. 2017.
    MethodologyA new hypothesis on the basic features characterizing the Foundations of Mathematics is suggested.Application of the methodBy means of it, the several proposals, launched around the year 1900, for discovering the FoM are characterized. It is well known that the historical evolution of these proposals was marked by some notorious failures and conflicts. Particular attention is given to Cantor's programme and its improvements. Its merits and insufficiencies are characterized in the ligh…Read more
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    In the last times some scholars tried to characterize Einstein’s distinction between ‘constructive’ – i.e. deductive - theories and ‘principle’ theories, the latter ones being preferred by Einstein. Here this distinction is qualified by an accurate inspection on past physical theories. Some previous theories are surely non-deductive theories. By a mutual comparison of them a set of features - mainly the arguing according to non-classical logic - are extracted. They manifest a new ideal model of …Read more
  • Popper's Falsificationism Interpreted by Non-classical Logic
    with Antonio Venezia
    Epistemologia 30 (2): 235-264. 2007.
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    Atomism and the Reasoning by a Non-Classical Logic
    with Romina Oliva
    Hyle 5 (1). 1999.
    Often, in the original scientific writings, a double negated statement (DNS) is not equivalent to his corresponding positive one; that means the inferring law 'non non A -> A' does not apply. Recent studies recognized in the failure of this logical law the borderline between classical and non-classical logics. Original writings by classical chemists dealing with the problem of atomism are particularly characterized by the occurrences of DNSs. An historical case, Avogadro's contribution to atomis…Read more
  • Traduzione, doppia negazione ed ermeneutica
    Studium 99 (5): 769-780. 2003.
    As a basic work of a translation I suggest to be attentive to the doubly negated propositions because they do not belong to classical logic, rather to intuitionist logic. I offer several instances of these propositions and classify the typical ways of their occurrences in a text.
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    Information science as a paradigmatic instance of a problem‐based theory
    with Emanuele Drago
    World Futures 49 (3): 251-273. 1997.
    (1997). Information science as a paradigmatic instance of a problem‐based theory. World Futures: Vol. 49, The Quest for a Unified Theory of Information, pp. 251-273
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    Vasiliev's paraconsistent logic interpreted by means of the dual role played by the double negation law
    Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 11 (3-4): 281-294. 2001.
    I prove that the three basic propositions of Vasiliev's paraconsistent logic have a semantic interpretation by means of the intuitionist logic. The interpèretation is confirmed by amens of the da Costa's model of Vasiliev's paraconsistent logic.
  • I characterize Bishop's constructive mathematics as an alternative to classical mathematics, which makes use of the actual infinity. From the history an accurate investigation of past physical theories I obtianed some ones - mainly Lazare Carnot's mechanics and Sadi Carnot's thermodynamics - which are alternative to the dominant theories - e.g. Newtopn's mechanics. The way to link together mathematics to theoretical physics is generalized and some general considerations, in particualr on the ge…Read more
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    The foundations of mathematics from a historical viewpoint
    Epistemologia 38 (1): 133-151. 2015.
    A new hypothesis on the basic features characterising the Foundations of Mathematics is suggested. By means of them the entire historical development of Mathematics before the 20th Century is summarised through a table. Also the several programs, launched around the year 1900, on the Foundations of Mathematics are characterised by a corresponding table. The major difficulty that these programs met was to recognize an alternative to the basic feature of the deductive organization of a theory - mo…Read more
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    La Filosofia di Lanza Del Vasto: Un Ponte Tra Occidente Ed Oriente (edited book)
    with Paolo Trianni
    Jaca Book. 2009.
    The book is the proceeding of a conference in Pisa 12007 on the philosophy of Lanza del Vasto - the unique Western disciple of Gandhi - examined under the items: his thesis work in Philosophy (Fabris), his Greek and Christian methaphysics (Salmeri), his criticism of Hegel (Vigne), the relationship with Gandhi (Manara), Trinity (Vermorel) Indian philosophical traditioon (Trianni), his henologixcal thinking (Reale) his trinitarian metaphysics (Bertini), his mystical thinking (Vannini) a logicaL an…Read more
  • Sul «metodo scientifico»
    Nuova Civiltà Delle Macchine 13 (1/2): 53-54. 1995.
    I illustrate my thesis; the scientific method relies on two basic options - n the kind of infinity and the kind of organization -, on which a scientist founding a new theory has to choose. Galileo was attentive to these options by means of his two last books.
  • Filosofia della fisica
    Nuova Civiltà Delle Macchine 13 (1/2): 36-37. 1995.
  • Having characterized the foundations of science by means of two basic options - one on the kind of the infinity, the other on the kind of the organization - I characterize the categories of all historians of science and classify them. In particular Koyré's and Kuhn's categories are explained through their choices on the two options. Mach result to be the main historian of the dominant attitudes of the historians of science.
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    Quel est le rôle de Galilée dans la naissance séculaire de la science moderne? Je réponds à la question ci-dessus à la lumière de deux nouveaux éléments. Dès le xvie siècle, Nicolas de Cues, quoiqu’il ne pratiquât pas la science expérimentale, a anticipé une partie substantielle de la révolution copernicienne et de la naissance de la méthodologie galiléenne. Le deuxième élément est l’introduction d’une nouvelle conception des fondements de la science ; ils sont définis comme constitués de trois …Read more