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    Review of ‘The Parmenidean Ascent' by Michael Della Rocca (review)
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy. forthcoming.
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    Spinoza on the Distinction Between Substance and Attribute
    Philosophy 97 (2): 207-231. 2022.
    I examine Spinoza's claim in the Metaphysical Thoughts that the attributes of God are only distinguished by a distinction of reason. I contend that for Spinoza essential attributes, such as Thought or Extension, cannot be distinguished by Francisco Suarez's distinction of reasoning reason, as Martin Lin suggests, nor can he be using Suárez’ distinction of reasoned reason for this purpose, as Yitzhak Melamed believes. Since reasoning reason and the distinction of reasoned reason are the only two …Read more
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    Spinoza on Essence Constitution
    Philosophia 50 (3): 987-999. 2022.
    I argue that, against what is commonly believed, Spinoza’s use of the relation of constitution to characterize the relation between attributes and the essence of a substance does not indicate that, for him, there must be a numerical identity between each attribute and the essence constituted by that attribute. To do this, I follow a twofold strategy. First, I contend that the claim that because in Spinoza’s time constitution was understood as a one- to-one relation is mistaken: the main logician…Read more
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    To what extent does human reason apply to the mind-independent world according to Spinoza? Does he even believe that human reason applies to that world at all? Being and Reason answers these questi...
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    Spinozistic expression as signification
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 30 (1): 24-47. 2021.
    I propose a new interpretation of Spinoza’s obscure but important concept of ‘expression’. Any account of Spinozistic expression must be able to fulfil two principal requirements. First, it must be...