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    Noninvasive clinical assessment of port-wine stain birthmarks using current and future optical imaging technology: A review
    with S. A. Sharif, E. Taydas, R. Rahimian, K. M. Kelly, B. Choi, and A. J. Durkin
    Port-wine stain birthmarks are one class of benign congenital vascular malformation. Laser therapy is the most successful treatment modality of PWS. Unfortunately, this approach has limited efficacy, with only 10% of patients experiencing complete blanching of the PWS. To address this problem, several research groups have developed technologies and methods designed to study treatment outcome and improve treatment efficacy. This article reviews seven optical imaging techniques currently in use or…Read more
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    Three-dimensional surface profile intensity correction for spatially modulated imaging
    with S. Gioux, D. J. Cuccia, A. J. Durkin, B. J. Tromberg, and J. V. Frangioni
    We describe a noncontact profile correction technique for quantitative, wide-field optical measurement of tissue absorption and reduced scattering coefficients, based on geometric correction of the sample's Lambertian reflectance intensity. Because the projection of structured light onto an object is the basis for both phase-shifting profilometry and modulated imaging, we were able to develop a single instrument capable of performing both techniques. In so doing, the surface of the three-dimensi…Read more
  • Spatial frequency domain imaging of port wine stain biochemical composition in response to laser therapy: A pilot study
    with S. A. Sharif, David Cuccia J., J. Stuart Nelson, K. M. Kelly, and A. J. Durkin
    Background and Objective Objective methods to assess port wine stain response to laser treatment have been the subject of various research efforts for several years. Herein, we present a pilot study using a newly developed, light emitting diode based spatial frequency domain imaging device to record quantitatively biochemical compositional changes in PWS after laser therapy. Study Design/Patients and Methods A SFDI system was used to image before, and after, five PWS treatment sessions [n = 4 su…Read more