•  232
    The folk concepts of intention and intentional action: A cross-cultural study
    with Joshua Knobe
    Journal of Cognition and Culture 6 (1-2): 113-132. 2006.
    Recent studies point to a surprising divergence between people's use of the concept of _intention_ and their use of the concept of _acting intentionally_. It seems that people's application of the concept of intention is determined by their beliefs about the agent's psychological states whereas their use of the concept of acting intentionally is determined at least in part by their beliefs about the moral status of the behavior itself (i.e., by their beliefs about whether the behavior is morally…Read more
  •  145
    Experimental philosophy and folk concepts: Methodological considerations
    with Joshua Knobe
    Journal of Cognition and Culture 6 (1-2): 331-342. 2006.
    Experimental philosophy is a comparatively new field of research, and it is only natural that many of the key methodological questions have not even been asked, much less answered. In responding to the comments of our critics, we therefore find ourselves brushing up against difficult questions about the aims and techniques of our whole enterprise. We will do our best to address these issues here, but the field is progressing at a rapid clip, and we suspect that it will be possible to provide mor…Read more
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    Book review (review)
    Law and Philosophy 1-8. forthcoming.
  • Another Look at the Revisionist Challenge to Liberty
    Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies 14 (1). 2016.