Marquette University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2011
Seattle, Washington, United States of America
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    The project consists of editing and translating fifty-four essays by the German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer in three volumes. The editors and translators have selected and organized these essays of the Gesammelte Werke published by J.C.B. Mohr in Tübingen in three volumes. These three volumes will complete the translation of Gadamer into English.
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    Das Ungeschehene
    Research in Phenomenology 48 (1): 77-91. 2018.
    _ Source: _Volume 48, Issue 1, pp 77 - 91 This paper aims to explicate what Heidegger means by _das Ungeschehene_, revealing the significance of this concept in providing us with a novel way of understanding and relating to the historical past. Taking recourse to GA 38, it will show that this concept has to be understood in connection with Heidegger’s very specific way of understanding what was not as that which has simply elapsed and passed away but as that which continues to abide and bear upo…Read more
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    This dissertation shows how Martin Heidegger and Michel Foucault, by questioning the very understanding of the subject-object relationship on which all epistemology is grounded, challenge two of its most cherished beliefs: 1. Thought and knowledge are essentially activities on the part of the subject understood anthropologically or transcendentally. 2. The history of knowledge exhibits teleological progress towards a better and more comprehensive account of its objects. In contrast to traditiona…Read more
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    This book, based on Inga Ro¨mer’s dissertation at Bergische Universita¨t Wuppertal, is a comprehensive and extensively annotated expository account of the notion of time as discussed by Husserl, Heidegger and Ricoeur. Ro¨mer undertakes the Herculean task of synthesizing the several accounts of time scattered across the various research manuscripts and texts composed by these three thinkers. She also exhibits an encyclopedic knowledge of the secondary sources on this issue in English, French and …Read more
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    Are mathematical objects affected by their historicity? Do they simply lose their identity and their validity in the course of history? If not, how can they always be accessible in their ideality regardless of their transmission in the course of time? Husserl and Foucault have raised this question and offered accounts, both of which, albeit different in their originality, are equally provocative. Both acknowledge that a scientific object like a geometrical theorem or a chemical equation has a hi…Read more
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    The Missing Dynamic: Corporations, Individuals and Contracts
    Journal of Business Ethics 67 (4): 393-406. 2006.
    There are two opposing views on the nature of corporations in contemporary debates on corporate social responsibility. Opponents of corporate personhood hold that a corporation is nothing but a group of individuals coming together to achieve certain goals. On the other hand, the advocates of corporate personhood believe that corporations are persons in their own right existing over and above the individuals who comprise them. They talk of corporate decision-making structures that help translate …Read more
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    Although arguments are a good way of exploring the limitations and complexities of a concept or a theory we may find ourselves faced with a real phenomenon that challenges the existing formulations of a concept or a theory so strongly and reveals its limitations to us so starkly that we are forced to break away from the current discussion and start anew. Such is the challenge posed by the phenomenon of farmer suicides on our existing theories of corporate social responsibility. Contemporary disc…Read more
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    The document presented below stems from the Jean Hering Nachlass in the Médiathèque protestante of Strasbourg and was originally preserved in the Archive of the Collegium Wilhelmitanum Argentinense of the same city. It concerns a typescript of 7 folios, which was unknown up until now, dealing with the idealism-realism controversy and presenting original views on the consequences of this controversy regarding the issue of metaphysics.