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    Subjectivity, Embodiment, and Meaning in Merleau-Ponty and Irigaray
    Dissertation, The University of Memphis. 2003.
    Although much recent political thought, particularly that issuing from feminism and race theory, starts from the notion of embodiment, it leaves that notion uninvestigated. As a result, it tends to fall back into the very abstraction of 'the body' that it attempts to leave behind. In this thesis, I enrich existing accounts of the socio-historical situatedness of different bodies as subjects through a philosophical examination of the role of embodiment in the constitution of subjectivity. Turning…Read more
  • Argumentation and Rhetoric (edited book)
    with H. V. Hansen and C. W. Tindale
    Vale. 1998.
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    Holbein’s Work of Art in Kristeva’s Political Thought
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 42 (S1): 88-95. 2004.