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    Abstract: Under traditional Jewish Law (halacha), assessment of human reproductive cloning (HRC) has been formulated along four lines of inquiry, which I discussed in Part I of this paper. Therein I also analyze five relevant doctrines of Talmudic Law, concluding that under with a risk-benefit analysis HRC fails to fulfill the obligation ‘to be fruitful and multiply’ and should be strictly prohibited. Here, I review of the topic from an exigetical Biblical and Kabbalistic perspective, beginn…Read more
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    On judaism and genes: A response to Paul root Wolpe
    Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 9 (2): 159-165. 1999.
    : The following comments on Paul Root Wolpe's article "If I Am Only My Genes, What Am I? Genetic Essentialism and a Jewish Response" address (1) his presentation of the relationship between science and culture or religion as unimodal; (2) his misconception of the Jewish view of the physical corpus; and (3) his essential question of genetic determinism by examining the traditional Jewish view of the spiritual aspects of the human
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    The status of abortion as murder, and therefore amenable to governmental intervention and criminalization, has been asserted by some segments of the populace. Their opponents claim a superior right of privacy exists under the Constitution, vesting in a woman the right to decide activities and actions that affect her physical corpus. Those belonging to the pro-life movement claim no Constitutional right superceede the mandate of the government to regulate violation of a societal norm - killing a …Read more
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    The importance of oratory and the value of rhetoric have emerged as one of this year‘s leading campaign issues. The power of speech has been venerated by some of the greatest thinkers, from Aristotle to Miamonides, and its influence demonstrated by some of our greatest leaders - from Churchill to Roosevelt. The effects of the eloquence of Mahatama Ghandi and Abba Eban established them as great statesman, and our own history books memorialize the patriotic contributions of Jefferson (Thomas) and …Read more
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    Oratorical talent and the ability to forge unity and bipartisanship have been touted as important qualifications for our next president. Many assert these traits are necessary to lead us out of our current quagmires, e.g. recession, war, and the crisis in health care. This article examines the fallacy of these claims, and suggests that oratory and peace-making abilities are cosmetic characteristics that may result in more harm than good. Some characteristics determinative of a true leader are il…Read more