•  139
    Wittgensteinian content‐externalism
    European Journal of Philosophy 28 (1): 110-125. 2020.
    Content-externalism is the view that a subject’s relations to a context can play a role in individuating the content of her mental states. According to social content-externalists, relations to a socio-linguistic context can play a fundamental individuating role. Åsa Wikforss has suggested that ‘social externalism depends on the assumption that individuals have an incomplete grasp of their own concepts’ (Wikforss 2004, p. 287). In this paper, I show that this isn’t so. I develop and defend a…Read more
  •  101
    The Agential Point of View
    Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 100 (2): 549-572. 2019.
  • Wittgenstein on the Constitutive Uncertainty of the Mental
    Nordic Wittgenstein Review. forthcoming.
    Wittgenstein returns throughout his later work to the notion that our recognition of others’ mental states is beset by not only contingent but constitutional uncertainty. And yet this notion remains an underexplored component of that work. The primary aim of this paper is to better understand, first, what Wittgenstein means when he describes the mental as constitutively uncertain, and second, his conception of the kind of knowledge of others' mental lives which he takes to be consistent with it.…Read more