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    Nietzsche and Schlegel on Teaching Oneself to Find
    Journal of Nietzsche Studies 45 (3): 315. 2014.
    In the second verse of the prelude to GS, Nietzsche writes, “Since I grew weary of the search / I taught myself to find instead.”1 The thought that one might teach oneself to find is certainly attractive; even the most ardent admirer of Tennyson’s and Cavafy’s versions of Odysseus will admit that some searches are wearisome. Better just to be in the desired end state, and forget about the tedium of getting there. But it is undoubtedly paradoxical as well: the only methods of finding—the only thi…Read more
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    Setiya on reasons and causes
    Philosophical Explorations 19 (3): 276-289. 2016.
    Setiya [2013. “Causality in Action”. Analysis Reviews, 73 : pp. 512–525] recently gave a novel argument in favor of a causal theory of acting for a reason. He presents three principles relating acting for a reason to psychological states of the agent and uses them to test theories of acting for a reason: theories cannot explain the necessary truth of the conditionals are to be rejected. Surveying a number of alternatives, he finds that only a causal-psychological theory passes this test, that, t…Read more